Frostfall - F.A.Q.

04 | 17 | 2019

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Frostfall - F.A.Q.

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Welcome to the Freeze-For-All

Frostfall is the world’s first fantasy infused battle royale built specifically for mobile.

In Frostfall, you discover and combine dangerous weapons, ancient technology, and potent spells to defeat your foes.


Pick your favorite and go into battle.

Weapons and Magic

Forge a new hero every match by discovering new combinations of weapons and spells. With 5 minute matches and over 7000 item combinations, each battle is exciting, chaotic, and unique.

The item system allows for players to play how they want. Choose to play as a classic hero archetype like a Rogue, or up the ante a bit and try to win as a Speedy Pacifist. And better yet, do it in the middle of the match!


Frostfall has a high skill cap through the use of a skill shot based combat system. But don’t worry beginners, we have a training area where you will be able to hone your skills prior to going into battle.


Where can I play?

Frostfall is currently in Beta. For exclusive access to early builds, join our Discord server here.

Is it free?

YES! Frostfall will be a free to play mobile title with zero pay-to-win monetization schemes once we officially launch.

What platforms will it be on?

Initial release will be on iOS, then Android, Switch, XBOX, PS4, and PC to follow.

Available on iOS and Android

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