The Emberhold Invitational

06 | 10 | 2019

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The Emberhold Invitational

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JUNE 20TH, 2019

5-7 PM PT


Become the Champion of Emberhold and win $700 USD in the process.

Frostfall is currently in Beta, but we are hosting a tournament anyway. Good lord, are we INSANE?! Maybe...but that's what makes this all so fun.

In order to play you must download a beta version of Frostfall here. (Only the first 10,000 will get access, hurry and download....DO IT NOW!)

The Tournament will be on June 20th, from 5-7pm PT.

Join us on Discord here for updates!

Watch the Trailer here.

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Winning - The top 5 players who accrue the most Honor over a 2-hour period of playing Frostfall will earn a reward. (Honor is an in-game statistic that is a combination of: placement in a match plus their number of eliminations in a match. Honor earned for placement is scaled based on the number of players in a match. Fewer players results in a reduced maximum honor potential.)

Rewards -

1st: $700 USD

2nd: $200 USD

3rd: $100 USD

4th: 1000 Arka

5th: 500 Arka

Rewards of USD will be paid via Apple Pay/Cash within one week of the tournament close (fees may apply).

Rewards of Arka (Frostfall’s in-game currency) will be granted to the player’s account within one week after Frostfall goes live on the Apple App Store.

Results of the event will be posted to our website and social media within 24 hours after the tournament has concluded.

Participants who have earned a reward will be required to quickly communicate with Dusk Games in order to confirm their identity and claim any potential reward. If the participant in question does not respond within 2 business days, they willingly remove themselves from any potential winnings at all. Runners-up to the participant who did not reciprocate communication will be awarded any potential winnings. Communications with Dusk Game can be done via Discord here, or at this email: support [at]

When: The Emberhold Invitational will be held on June 20th, from 5-7pm PT (6-8 MT, 7-9 CT, 8-10 ET).

Where: On your iOS Device from anywhere in the world. To enter, follow this link to download the game.

Who: The first 10,000 people to download the game are eligible. Must be at least 13 years old to be eligible. See Privacy Policy for more information.

Compatible devices: iPhone SE or iPhone 6S and up OR iPad Air 2 and up. iOS devices with fewer than 2GB of ram are currently not compatible, and therefore cannot compete.

Teaming - Teaming will not be tolerated, if the Dusk Games staff confirms multiple players are teaming, we will disqualify the involved players from the prize pool.

Cheating - If the Dusk Games staff confirms use of hacking or cheating in any way that breaks game systems we will disqualify the player(s) from the prize pool.


Frostfall is in Beta, there might be bugs, but they are bugs everyone has to deal with.

Server or client side defects may affect tournament placement. Dusk Games and the Frostfall team is not responsible for any defects, bugs, or any other issues that cause gameplay to fail or be impeded in any manner. This tournament is taking place in a beta environment and is designed to help the developers learn more about the game systems for when the game launches. The environment is not perfect.



Void where prohibited.

No purchase necessary.

Privacy policy can be found here

Hop on Discord to join the Beta

Hop on Discord to join the Beta
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